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Car Wash Vacuum Hoses

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Carwash Vacuum Hoses

Carwash Vacuum Hoses

The Carwash Vacuum Hose is equal to or better than any hose in the industry. The combination of co-polymer materials and two-profile helically wound construction make this hose superior to most others in the market

This hose has all the characteristics required by users plus many added features including:
  • Ultraviolet Protection
  • Flexibility
  • Crush Resistance
  • Smooth Bore
  • Wide Range of Stock Colors
Custom colors and lengths available! Hoses are available with vinyl, swivel and polywelded cuffs.
Cobra-Vac Tapered Hoses

Cobra-Vac Tapered Hoses

  • The Cobra-Vac Hose has the same great features as Cobra-Connector with the added value of a full-length of 15' of hose.
  • The Cobra-Vac also comes in a variety of colors to match your system.
  • Stock Colors Include:
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Yellow
Custom colors available!

Option of Plain Cut, Swivel Cuffs, or Regular Vinyl Cuffs.
Cobra-Connector Tapered Hose Connectors

Cobra-Connector Tapered Hose Connectors

Cobra-Connector will increase your vacuum power by the acceleration of the airflow through a 3' Tapered Flexible Connector. it will minimize the air turbulence and increase airflow velocity, as the connector diameter changes from a 2" to a 1 1/2" inside diameter.

Cobra-Connector offers other features:
  • 3' High Quality Spiral-wound smoothbore hose
  • 2" Swivel Cuff to prevent tangling on one end
  • 1 1/2" Threaded Connector on the other end
  • Clog-free attribute

The Cobra-Connector's special features make it durable, easy to handle and give this Connector the characteristics of a desirable work-partner.

Custom colors available!
Amflex Plastics Inc. | Improving Our Customers Bottom Line Since 1996