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Household Vacuum Hoses

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Premier Vacuum Hoses

Premier Vacuum Hoses

  • The Premier line is the ultimate single profile construction, designed for the Original Equipment Manufacturers in the medical industry or any industry where close tolerances and flexibility are demanded.
  • PREMIER is our most popular commercial and household vacuum hose. The co-polymer, helically wound, single profile construction gives this hose the flexibility and smooth bore of our truck mount hose with a lower weight.
  • This hose has highly desirable characteristics including ultraviolet protection, high degree of flexibility, greatly reduced flow restriction, good chemical abrasion and crush resistance and an air tight interlocking design.
Custom lengths, colors and diameters available! (with minimum ...
Tuff-Flex Vacuum Hoses

Tuff-Flex Vacuum Hoses

Tuff-Flex is a light weight hose used as a low cost alternative to our premium hose for utility applications. The combination of co-polymer materials and helically wound construction make this hose ideal for most low pressure applications. It may be used for wet or dry material.

This hose has all the characteristics required by users plus many added features including:
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Crush resistance.
Custom colors and lengths available!

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